Campsite Rules

  1. Our guests can receive visitors during the day. Day visitors must report to reception on arrival on site and must observe all the rules provided by the campsite. In addition, visitors are required to pay the daily fee due for their visit and to leave the campsite by 10.00 p.m. on the day of arrival.
  2. The day of the stay begins at 3.00 p.m. and ends at 10.00 a.m. the following day. By this time at the latest, the pitch / mobilehome must be vacated and clean. Departures before 7.00 a.m. are not permitted.
  3. In the event of late arrival or early departure, the agreed price will be charged in full for the entire booked period. Guests who arrive without a booking, on the other hand, are required to only pay for the vacation days that they actually spent with us.
  4. The campsite pitches are numbered and are allocated to our guests by the management. Our guests agree to this and have to adhere to this allocation. All equipment, including vehicles, must be neatly placed within the parking space. Your car (car, motorcycle, van) must be parked on the parking space. Your car may only be parked elsewhere if instructed by the management.
  5. Dogs are allowed on the campsite, both on the pitches and in some mobile homes, provided that they do not disturb the other guests of the campsite. Dogs must always be kept on a lead. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets. Furthermore, dog owners are liable for any damage to people and objects caused by their animals. It is not allowed to leave dogs unattended inside or outside your accommodation.
  6. Between 11.00 p.m. and 07.00 a.m. it is quiet time. Musical instruments, CD players, radios, televisions and other appliances must not be used during this time. In the interest of all site guests, we ask you to avoid any other disturbing noise - including erecting or dismantling tents. Between 11.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m., the barrier at the entrance and exit is closed, so no vehicles are allowed to enter the campsite.
  7. It is strictly forbidden: to damage the vegetation and / or equipment of the campsite; to delimit the parking spaces with ditches and fences; to pour oils, fuels, boiling, salted, or waste liquids on the ground. You must not dig any holes or trenches on the campsite (pitches). Please wash or rinse your laundry and dishes in the dedicated equipped rooms only. According to the hygiene and sanitary regulations, you have to place a waste water bucket under the drain on the vehicle floor of your caravan. The motorhome toilets and other liquid waste must only be emptied or disposed of at the designated disposal points. You too attach great importance to cleanliness and order. When using the toilet and shower block, it is assumed that all guests are always careful and considerate. Please help us to keep the estate and facilities clean and tidy!
  8. Charcoal grills are allowed as long as the smoke does not disturb the neighbours and the lawn or the floor is not damaged.
  9. Dogs are not allowed in the swimming pool. Ball games and air mattresses are also not allowed. Jumping from the edge of the pool is prohibited!
  10. Each guest has to take care of his own personal belongings. The management guarantees continuous monitoring of the campsite, but is not liable for any theft or loss. Always take good care of your belongings yourself and take the necessary precautionary measures. Money and valuables should not be lying around unguarded in caravans, tents and accommodations.
  11. Any interruptions in the electricity or water supply, which are caused by failures or due to reasons of force majeure, do not oblige the campsite to grant a price reimbursement.
  12. The campsite is also not liable for any damage caused by storms (wind, hail, falling branches).
  13. The use of sports and leisure equipment, swimming pool, playground, soccer and volleyball field, etc. is at your own risk. Minors are only allowed to use the sanitary facilities or the campsite equipment when accompanied by a supervisor. The management rejects any liability for any accidents.
  14. The management rejects any liability for any accidents. Children should always be accompanied by their parents during the entertainment activities. The management is not liable for any accidents that may happen to unsupervised children. The entertainment staff does not offer childcare.
  15. The campsite's beach is supervised, but we are not responsible for theft or damage to valuables that belong to our guests. Our guests bathe at their own risk. The management declines any liability for any accidents and damage that our guests may suffer in the water in front of the beach.


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